Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pre Social Space lighting

Currently we have 3 main 'sections' to our installation.
The one that i have been focused on currently is the area between the 'rough sea' entrance and the calm big open 'social' space.

The whole idea behind this piece of light is the effect that a sea swell has on the human body.. So essentially the light is meant to be a form of 'horizon' and the constant movement... you get the idea. Now how do we make it.

Think about how to accomplish the effect..
Model and Render it..

Get 5.50m of 14mm hollow tube steel...

Get a window wiper motor + setup (no point in reinventing the wheel..[for the pivots]) [This one is from a Ford Ka]

Cut into preplanned pieces..

Weld pieces together..

Weld motor to frame and experiment in getting the pivot right..

The light long light is attached with a 4x2 piece of timber and, the wiper motor runs on a 12v battery [with a electronic ballast to slow movement, to a soft swell ;)]

Have a good look at your hard work and appreciate the fact no-one will see how the effect is accomplished..

[More to follow, including what the effect will actually look like in the installation]

/ros edit: final lighting system used for the midwater section below - additionally, kudos to Tam for getting the glowsticks for the deepwater section, they worked very well!

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